Articles From PFM February 2017

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Sales Strategies

by Jared Davis, MCPF, GCF
In his column, “Selling Ready Made Frames,” Jared suggests carrying some ready-made frames to get new customers started in framing, especially since ready-made frames are among the first things many people look to buy.
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Framing Oversized Pastels
by Chris A. Paschke, CPF, GCF
In her feature, Chris describes the proper way to frame pastels to avoid accidental smudging, abrasions, or settling of dust. The result is a pastel package for the twenty-first century.
Design of the Month
By Barrie Lynn Bryant
For this month’s featured design, “A Celtic Cross Frame,” Barrie describes the process of using a CO2 laser engraving machine to incise a Celtic knot pattern into wood frames, with a result that is personal and distinctive.
Matboard Magic

By Abby Fosco
In her feature, Abby describes how specialty matting adds excitement to your designs and boosts your bottom line. With proper pricing and effective retail strategies, designing and selling frames with specialty mats is worth the extra inventory dollars.
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Shadowbox Design
by James Miller, MCPF, GCF
In his article, “A Mother’s Day Gift,” James discusses how themed shadowboxes are a great sales tool. He presents a shadowbox design that shows how a mother’s WWII memories are lovingly preserved for her special day.
Preservation Practices
by Hugh Phibbs
In his article, “The Collection Storage Option,” Hugh discusses how a new, profitable product for frame shops is offering affordable non-display storage for valuable collections.
Frame Design
by Ginger Hartford, CPF
In her article, “Artisan Mat Embossing,” Ginger explains how embossed design elements add a handcrafted touch that can turn ordinary mats into something special.
The Mat Doctors
by Brian Wolf, CPF, GCF
In his column, “Decorative Paper Panels,” Brian offers a look back on traditional matting designs that still offer a great option for today’s matting designs.
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