Articles From PFM April 2017

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Honoring Fallen Heroes

by Francine Hackerott, CPF
In her feature, Francine depicts the story and design behind her winning frame for the 2017 Tru Vue® Framing Competition. She was named the Best In Show: Judges’ Choice Award for her entry, “Eternal Remembrance,” honoring a crew of elite firefighters who lost their lives on the job.
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Shadowbox Design
by Susan Gittlen, MCPF
In her article, “Vacation Memories,” Susan details a vacation themed shadowbox design, showcasing Jersey Shore mementos, and emphasizes the importance of displaying sample shadowboxes in your shop.
Joiners 2017: By the Numbers
by Jim Burke
In his feature, Jim takes a look at today’s underpinners that can turn out great frames every time, from Basic Level to Advanced Level machines.
Creative CMC Designs

by PFM
In this feature, three frame shop owners describe their most unique and memorable designs, all of which were created using computerized mat cutters from Gunnar, Valiani, and Wizard.
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Design of the Month
by Debora Robinson
In her article, “Framing a Willy Wonka Edition,” Debora describes her vibrant frame design for a “Primus and Chocolate Factory Halloween Holographic Gobstopper” special edition poster.
Preservation Practices
by Hugh Phibbs
In his column, “The Space Within,” Hugh explains how one of the most important points in designing a preservation frame is the spacing between the glazing and the art.
by Ken Baur
In his column, “The Service Advantage,” Ken discusses strategies to set your business apart from the competition by emphasizing great customer service.
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