Articles From PFM July 2017

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Cropping as a Design Tool

by David Lantrip, MCPF, GCF
In his feature, David explains tips for improving a photo by carefully considering mat opening sizes and cropping.
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Sales Strategies
by Jared Davis, MCPF, GCF
In his column, “Overcoming Price Shock,” Jared talks pricing and says that if you don’t believe in your prices, it’s hard to overcome a customer’s doubts.
Mastering Mounting
by Chris A. Paschke, CPF, GCF
In her column, “Elevated Floats for Natural Fibers,” Chris discusses how elevated floats work well with papyrus, amate, and kozo.
Pushing the Right Design Buttons

by Peter Beck
In his feature, Peter details the inspiration behind his winning design that took first place in the 2017 PPFA International Framing Print Category.
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Digital Imaging
by Patrick Sarver
In his article, “Family Frame Shop Expands From Handfuls to Hundreds of Customers,” Patrick discusses how a frame shop owned by a husband and wife grew exponentially in just a few years.
Shadowbox Design
by Jodie Prymke, CGF
In her article, “Memories of Nature,” Jodie explains how the simplest of objects, like a leaf on a collected trip, can evoke and preserve happy memories when beautifully displayed.
Budget-Friendly Preservation
by James Miller, MCPF, GCF
In his feature, James discusses identifying preservation methods and materials that are suitable for high and low pricing extremes.
Style Snapshot
by Sterling Fender
In her article, Sterling provides an in depth look at a small-scale carved and gilded replication of a “Churrigueresque” Spanish colonial style tabernacle.
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