Articles From PFM June 2017

Picture Framing Magazine is the industry’s leading magazine, with practical, well-written articles covering frame shop craftsmanship to effective retail practices. Each issue of PFM presents a variety of features, regular columns, product information, and special supplements in an attractive and informative style. Here is an overview of the articles in the latest issue.

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Changing with the Times

by Keith Hewitt
In his feature, Keith provides a look inside a historical English frame shop that has prospered and adapted to new market trends.
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Sales Strategies
by Jared Davis, MCPF, GCF
In his column, “Design: The Key to Success,” Jared talks turning your store into a design center if you want more high-value frame sales.
Ketubot Framing: A Creative Sales Idea
by Susan Gittlen, MCPF
In her feature, Susan discusses the possibilities of framing decorative Jewish marriage contracts, or a Ketubot, which offers an overlooked framing opportunity.
Design of the Month

by Abby Fosco
In her article, “Showcasing History: Framing an Astronaut’s Space Medal of Honor,” Abby discusses the inspiration behind a special shadowbox designed to showcase a 1977 Congressional Space Medal of Honor.
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2017 Annual Framing School Directory

by Picture Framing magazine
Industry education is a great resource to achieve your business objectives. In this expanded online version, there are framing schools and seminars for every level found in this directory.
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by David Lantrip, MCPF, GCF
In his article, “Measuring Social Media Success,” David discusses how the most important goal of social media is not selling, but building present and potential customer relationships.
Shadowbox Design
by James Miller, MCPF, GCF
In his article, “The Shadowbox Dilemma,” James explains how even at their most basic, shadowboxes are one of custom framing’s most appealing and profitable specialties.
Frame Design
by Brian Wolf, CPF, GCF
In his article, “Open Groove Fragments,” Brian describes how pieces of open grooves can be resized easily and adapted to different matting designs.
The Mat Doctors
by Tim Franer, CPF
In his column, “Simple Solutions,” Tim analyzes a number of common solutions that can make your mat cutting simpler and more effective.
Preservation Practices
by Hugh Phibbs
In his column, “Minimizing Hinge Moisture,” Hugh explains how reducing moisture in hinges helps minimize damage to artwork while strengthening bonding.
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