Articles From PFM February 2018

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The Mat Doctors
by Brian Wolf, CPF, GCF
In his column, “Designing Snapping Ornaments,” Brian discusses using your computerized mat cutter to create shapes that can be integrated into many different framing projects.
Retailer Profile: Jay Goltz

by Kimberly Biesiada
In her feature, Kimberly interviews Jay Goltz where they discuss the native Chicagoan’s 40 years of entrepreneurial success and his take on what’s in store for the picture framing industry.
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Framing with Fabric: A Stand-Out Design Option

by Abby Fosco
In her feature, Abby talks with expert fabric suppliers and retailers to provide all the necessary tips for creating profitable, stand-out fabric mat designs for your customers.
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Everyday Fabric Mat Designs
by David Lantrip, MCPF, GCF
In his feature, David explains the benefits of selling more interesting designs, such as fabric-wrapped mat designs, which are sure to increase your average ticket and bottom-line profit.
Retailing Success
by Ken Baur
In his column, “Is It Time to Rethink How We Create Our Products?” Ken analyzes the importance of researching all the new ways products are purchased and consumed, allowing you to adapt and develop new ways to keep up with the industry.
Creative Upscale Matting
by Tim Franer
In his feature, Tim provides tips for creating dimensional mats, correct mat proportions, and fabric-covered matting.
Style Snapshot
by Lynn Roberts
In her article, Lynn provides an in depth look at an early example of a French Empire frame, named for the period when Napoleon Bonaparte reigned as emperor of France (1804-1815).
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