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Call: 800-372-6422
Framerica’s Tungsten Alloy™—a textured metallic with the look of steel—is expanding its profile range. It will be available in virtually all profiles ranging to 3". Alloys are available in Copper, Tungsten, and Platinum—all true to their descriptive badging.


Max Moulding
Call: 800-282-9966
Inspired by vintage Italian style, the Messina Classics collection of hand applied gold leaf and silver leaf with rich Old World finishes brings charm and glamour to the mouldings. The timeless elegance of iconic design, the Italian intrigue of La Dolce Vita, and the allure of rich Old World finishes all influenced these moulding designs. Expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans, these antique finishes and dazzling patterns deliver timelessness and elegance.


Presto Frame & Moulding
Call: 800-431-1622
Perlita by Presto features a profile that slopes inward to a beaded accent on the lip. It is 7/8" wide and available in stark white, silver, gold, or black.

Michelangelo Moulding
Call: 877-422-8812
Announcing the addition of a five-finish floater profile, the 303 Series. Measuring a full 17/8" tall, and with a ½" face, the styles are a blend of elegant, natural wood shades with a subtle, distinctive grain. Each profile edge is a sharp 90-degree turn. Samples now available.

Wizard International Inc.
Call: 888-855-3335
We are proud to introduce the Wizard 9000z Zero Waste Computerized Mat Cutter. The newest version of the overwhelmingly successful 9000 model. The 9000z utilizes the intuitive Frameshop™ software and a series of strategically placed hold-down tabs that allow you to cut edge-to-edge on any size material up to 40"x60". Now you can get four 16"x20" mats from one sheet of 32"x40" matboard with virtually no waste, while only touching the material once. Available for purchase and rentals.

Universal Arquati
Call: 800-668-3627
Country Colors II by Universal is a second play on one of the original, and still the best, rustic color lines on the market. This fun collection comes in 13 trendy colors for both traditional and contemporary uses in a ¾"x1¼" tall profile. Stock is available now and corner samples available upon request.



Omega Moulding
Call: 800-289-6634
The Jensen collection, with its clean and fine grain engineered veneer finishes, is in line with the Mid Century Modern design style, which is one of today’s most popular trends in furniture and interior design themes. Classic and simple, Jensen can be used in a wide array of custom framing applications, from vintage to contemporary art.


Call: 770-279-5222
The Eiffel Tower—one of the most iconic and most visited structures in the world. Our new Eiffel collections pays homage to the City of Lights and its tower with texture and metallic finishes. Three profiles, ranging from 19/16" to 3" wide make up the Eiffel collection. This versatility makes the collection great for a variety of décor styles. In addition, four metallic finishes in silver, pewter, gold, and bronze are foiled with a spray patina, mimicking the wrought iron of the Eiffel Tower.


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