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Call: 800-372-6422
The Alloy™ collection is described as textured metals with the look of steel, now including “Gold.” “The Alloys have been a big hit,” notes Josh Eichner. “We immediately began receiving inquiries on expanding to gold. We’re excited to make it available.” The Gold joins Tungsten and Platinum within the collection. Alloys are available in multiple profiles ranging to 3".


Universal Arquati
Call: 800-668-3627
Excited to introduce the new Italian Prime. This Italian made moulding features oak grain, open grain, high gloss, and matte finishes, in 4 different profiles and a variety of colors. This new line is perfect for the fall season and is now available in stock at value prices. Please contact your local sales representative to get a sample set.


Presto Frame & Moulding
Call: 800-431-1622
Nashville by Presto features a solid wood finish in walnut, gray or white. The finish is antiqued with wear marks and mutiple layers enhancing the natural grain, then accented with a subtle leafed silver lip. Available in 11/8" and 21/8" widths.

Decor Moulding & Supply
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Introducing the Essence™ Museum Board collection. The collection meets all industry standards for consistency, preservation, and quality. We selected the most popular colors (white, warm white, antique, and black) in 2-ply, 4-ply, and 8-ply in the most popular sizes of 32x40 and 40x60, making the Essence™ Museum Board the perfect archival choice for conservators, museums, libraries, and framers worldwide. Made from pure 100% cotton throughout and earning the Seal of Cotton trademark, the Essence™ collection is naturally free of acid, lignin, and other non-cellulose contaminants. Buffered with calcium carbonate, the pure cotton composition creates a strong, rigid matboard that is pH neutral. Please contact your sales rep for a corner kit to display in your showroom.


Michelangelo Moulding
Call: 877-422-8812
Taking a cue from two top-selling wood profiles, Michelangelo Moulding offers their new 615 and 616 poly mouldings. The 615 Series measures 7/8"x11/4" and the 616 Series measures 11/4"x21/8". Each series is available in Gold, Silver, White, Black, Espresso, Charcoal, Gold/Black, and Silver/Black finishes.


888 Manufacturing Corporation
Call: 888-338-3318
F18 point driver for 18mm 3/4" brads. Adjustable firing power. Fires brads into the hardest woods and MDF where other drivers fail. Rugged steel construction.

Nickell Moulding Company, Inc.
Call: 800-838-2151
Silver, gold, and many shades in between, Nickell Moulding offers over a dozen metallic profiles in its popular House Stock collection. These mouldings are available for immediate shipment in full box quantities. With each House Stock order, Nickell donates 2 percent of proceeds to America’s VetDogs.


Omega Moulding
Call: 800-289-6634
The look of the Relics collection is achieved on a base of reclaimed wood with finger joints, random natural knots, knot-holes, rough areas and other natural characteristics of reclaimed wood. This gives this collection a true distinctiveness and textural richness that is desirable for projects that call for the most authentic rustic framing solutions. See the entire collection online at


Delta Picture Frame Co.
Call: 800-327-5482
Shown above are three different brushed finishes available in three profiles. These nine items are the latest addition to Delta’s OEM line, which features extremely competitive pricing as well as large inventories. For more information or samples, please contact our office.


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